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Descriptions For Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Descriptions For Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Islamic/Arabic Name

English Meaning

Aadil Right
Aamir Commander, Orderer
Aaqib End, Termination
Abd-Allah Servernt or Man of Allah
Ahmad Commander, Praiseworthy
Ameen Honest, Trustworthy
Basheer Forerunner, Precurser
Daa' Motive, Impulse
Faatih Opener, Conqueror
Haad Guide Leader
Haamid Thankfull, Gratefull
Habeeb-Allah Friend of Allah, lover of Allah
Jawwaad Generous, Bountiful
Khaatim Last pf, Seal,, Stamp
Khaleel Intimate, Bosom friend
Maah Wornout, Threadbare
Maamoon trustworthy, safe
Madoo Pretender, Would be
Mahmood Commendable, Praiseworthy
Maloom Known, Famous
Mansoor Victorious, Triumphant
Mashood Atteseted, Proven
Mateen Hardwearing, Solid
Mubashir Preacher, Evangelist
Mubeen Evident, Clear
Muhammad Praiseworthy, Commendable
Muharram Forbiden, Sacred
Mujtabaa Selected, Chosen
Mukarram Honored Noble
Munajj Saviour, rescurer
Muneer Luminous, Brilliant
Muqtasid Wise, Intelligent
Murtadhaa Chosen, Agreebale
Musaddiq Credible, Believable
Mustafaa Chosen Selected
Mutahhar Purifier, Clarifier
Mutee Obediant, Willing
Muzakir Reminder, Reminiscent
Naah Prohibitor
Nabee Prophet, seer
Naji-Allah Confident of Allah
Nazeer Forerunner, one
Qaasim Distributor, One who allots
Qareeb Near, close
Rasool Messanger, Courier
Saadiq Truthfull, Righteous
Safee=Ullah Best friend of Allah
Sayeed Chief, Head
Shaaf Curative, Tending to heal
Shaahid Witness, Deponent
Shaheed Martyr, Deceased warrior
Shaheer Well Known, Famous
Siraaj Night, lamp
Tayyab Good, Chase

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