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Discovering Islam - From Kufr To Becoming A Muslim Reversion

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Title:Discovering Islam - From Kufr To Becoming A Muslim Reversion  
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Description:Asalamu'alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuhu, This site is dedicated to the Cause of Allah, (SWT) He loves those whom make that effort Islamically in His name alone of which we do, so for ourselves to help everyone else Allah (SWT) knows of our intentions to help those all around the World to gain wisdom through learning from others of whom are making as much of an effort as we are in what correct Islamic information we have at hand now. If you are of a faith you would feel good within your soul and be thankful to Allah (SWT) to see another Islamic effort portrayed from someone such as myself (Reverted to Islam) making such an example with those whom truly believe to those whom have no faith (Kufr) or those who call themselves of something yet fail to practice it, (Hypocrite) faith alone is not enough, practice what you believe and be proud, yet do not mock others of what they believe as we Muslims would love to see people benefit well from their actions and mostly to bring us all together...united not divided. To be appreciated for our focussed input, efforts applied and results being achieved is something we all long for in each other, and Allah (SWT) alone has ordained for us to work together to bring purity to all lands. Thank you for coming to our Islamic site and if you have joined, Alhumdulillah, welcome aboard, I personally do appreciate and see what an effort you have made in both coming to this site and for joining if you have, you will not be disappointed. The more Islamic sites of which give true meaning to what Islam is to us all the better it will be for those who know best, just look at the majority of sites now, the Internet is being corrupted by those whom are headless and we are allowing this and you now have so many crimes being committed by the Kufr (Non-Believers) whom hide behind their screens in hope to become someone of importance and someone whom can control others through any Haram mean possible.
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