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What The Religions Say About Jesus

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The Hindus
 The Hindus have no background about Jesus, because either in their books, they have no connection with him, or if they have an opinion on him, it would be from the individual.  Sometimes, one views him as a great person like Ghandi, because the Hindus view Ghandi on God's level, so there would be nothing wrong to a Hindu to think of Jesus the same way.  Yet, Hindus do not like the idea of one God in three.  They believe all of God's creations are his children, in reality, meaning physically and not spiritually.  The Hindus also believe that every creature has the power to be a god.  In other words, to believe in Jesus as God is to believe in everything else is a god as well, because to the Hindus, Jesus can not be God alone.
The Buddhists
 In Buddhism, the lives of Buddha and Jesus are very similar.  Buddha was dead before Jesus 483 years, but both were born without a father, to a chaste mother.  Both left their towns to live in the wilderness, and the devil attempted to tempt both of them, but never succeeded.  The two men are known to have had made miracles and the two had religions followed after them.  Jesus and Buddha also both had disciples, and each of them had a disciple who turned on them.  In the end, no matter how similar they are the Buddhists do not believe Buddha is the creator.  The Buddhists also don't believe Buddha died for the sake of their sins.
The Jews
 The Jews have seen Jesus as just another Jew.  The idea of Jesus as the Son of God is unacceptable in their belief and they claim the idea of Jesus being God and the Savior was born a century after Jesus' birth.  In the Jewish books, there are no mentions towards Jesus because they feel he had forsaken the Jewish religion.  The Jews do not even like to mention his name.  Some believe he is Greek, Roman, Dutch, or even Nazi.  In Germany, some believed he was a descendant of the Arian raced.  In the Torah, there are no proofs or signs of Jesus.  Even some Jews believe he is a fictional person, never have existed.  Also, there are six letters in the Talmud that indicate about Jesus indirectly.
For example, one letter states that there is one named Yeshuh who is a false prophet, which is Jesus in the Hebrew language.
 During the middle ages, the Jews and the Christians did not agree on the identification of Jesus.  The Christians tortured the Jews and the Jews hated to see the cross and the statues and images of Jesus, thought of as idol worship by the Jews.  The Jews also considered Jesus an unlawful child of a woman named Mary who was tempted by a man.  They also believe the he became a man and his "miracles" were really black magic.  They also believe that later he was hanged and his body was hidden for three; but then was discovered.
 The Jewish philosopher, Abraham Jager, is a supporter of the Jewish movement for reform; and through his searching he reached that the Christians obtain their knowledge from Judaism: the Phillisies sect.  Jesus was a Phillisie yet his teachings were changed over time, including the ideas of "idol worship" in Christianity and such.
 Sossanna Ezekiel, who is a Jewish professor of Jewish education, said, "The Sadagese from the Jews, who are the enemies to the Phillisies, became the followers of Jesus.  They consider the Phillisies hypocrites, which are mentioned in the Gospel now.  Jesus became Jewish.  There is a difference between what Jesus believes and what people believe in Jesus.  His belief is that of a liberal Jew, but those who believe in Jesus, are the Christians now."
 The Jewish in general believe that Jesus was mistaken, along with his followers, because his words were a mistake when compared with the Torah.
The Muslims
 The Muslims think of Jesus positively and the Quran has only mentioned one female's name, which is Mariam, the mother of Jesus.  The Quran mentions no other mother's name of a prophet, including the Prophet Muhammad.  This means that this is a great honor.  Mariam is mentioned in the Quran to have kept her virginity and purity, and was chosen above all other women.  The Muslims have proof from Jesus himself to defend for his mother's delivery of his birth and her virginity, unlike the Christians when the Jews attack Jesus and his mother.  Jesus' birth was God's miracle according to the Muslims, and a lot of Westerners deny that.  A Muslim has to believe this, because this is an obligation from his creed.
 A lot of Christians do not believe Jesus was raised to heaven, but the Muslims believe that he was.  Allah raised and honored Jesus; and protected from him all harm or evil, with good position.  The Muslims believe they are the true followers of Jesus, of what really he taught.  The belief of Muslims about Jesus is not brought from the Gospel, but from the Quran and the Sunna of Prophet Muhammad.
 Jesus, in Islam, talked while he was in the cradle and said "I am indeed a servant of Allah: He hath given me Revelation and made me a prophet; And He hath made me blessed wheresoever I be, and hath enjoined on me Prayer and Charity as long as I live (Surat Al Mariam, Ayah 30-31)."  He also said, "So Peace is on me (Surat Al Mariam, Ayah 33)."  Jesus is not Son of God nor is he God.  God is of the highest rank and is too high to have need for a child.
 Jesus lived and made miracles through his lifetime, and the other prophets were not similar in the ways of Jesus.  The Quran said that Allah protected Jesus and his mother from Satan.  When Jesus made the miracles, he made them according to the request of the people, to prove to them and make them follow the right path.  All the miracles Jesus made were from the permission of God or asked God through prayer.
 The meaning of Messiah is "that who is blessed by the Holy oil".  Even that, he is still human and a great prophet.  The Muslims only worship Allah and pray to him.  Also, if a Muslim practices Islam, but does not love Jesus and Jesus' mother, then he is not considered a Muslim.  Yet, there are no Muslims that denied Jesus.
The Muslims believe that Jesus will die after he returns from the heavens at the End of the Hour.  Jesus never was crucified or killed, but was raised to Heaven by God and was purified from the evil, so it may never touch his body.  He is now in the fourth heaven.  He will kill the Anti-Christ in the last days of the world in the city, Lid, located in Palestine, according to the prophecies of Prophet Muhammad.
When Jesus is brought down to Earth to prove he has never been crucified or killed, he will live as a Muslim under the banner of Islam.  The Islam is the only religion that honors Jesus, but does not consider him a god or a part of God.  Even the Jews deny his prophet hood, unlike the Muslims.  The Muslims are even ready to defend against any who insults Jesus.  The Quran even mentioned Jesus' name and described about him seventeen more times than Prophet Muhammad.  The Quran also mentions Mariam, mother of Jesus, nineteen times and even has a chapter named after her, and does not even mention Prophet Muhammad's mother one time.  There is also even a chapter named after Mariam's father, Al-Imran.  Islam respects and loves Jesus, Moses, and every other prophet, and also Zakariah and John the Baptist, who were killed by the Jews.  These same Jews also tried to kill Jesus himself.
As every Muslim believes that Jesus was raised to heaven as some Christians do not believe that.  Of course, the Jews do not believe this at all.  Michael Hart, author of the book The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History, put Muhammad ranked at first and Jesus ranked at seven.  He said, "The founder of Christianity is not Jesus himself, but the teachings of Paul.  Jesus is founder of the spiritual things but the description and details of God is from Paul himself."  He also said, "the Christians practice different from what Jesus brought, such as fighting between each other and killing the Jews, and torturing and killing the Muslims at different occasions."
The Muslims believe that Jesus was created the same as Adam, meaning that he was born without father and was mere dust like every human physical body (Surat Al Imran, Ayah 59).  He is a human and is like any other prophet, and he delivered prophecies of Prophet Muhammad, commanding his followers to follow Muhammad when he arrives.  This is stated in Surat Al Nisah, Ayah 161.  The verse about Jesus as a human is in Surat Al Ma'ida, Ayah 72-75.  Al Maida talks about Jesus and means the food from heaven brought down to Jesus and his disciples.  The chapter's title means the Table Set.
The prophecies from Jesus about Prophet Muhammad are in Surat Al Saf, Ayah 6.  Of course, there are a lot of prophecies from the Torah itself.  Also, the statement from the Jews in Surat Al Nisah, claiming they killed Jesus, is in verses 156-158.  The verses about Mariam's purity are in Surat Al Tahrim, verse twelve and also in Surat Al Imran from verses 41-42.  The verses about Jesus speaking from the cradle are in the Surat Mariam, verses 30-36.
In conclusion, it does not matter to the Hindus to believe in Jesus or not, because it is not a part of their religion and there is no obligation to believe in him.  This is the same for the Buddhists.  The Jews have to speak against Jesus, because it is an obligation for they believe he is a False Messiah and a corrupt one from their society.  The Christians differ among themselves in how they believe in Jesus.  Some claim he is God, some claim he is Son of God, and some claim he is one of three parts of God.  There are also some who believe he is a prophet.  Yet, only the Muslims are clear about believing in Jesus in a positive way, which is also an obligation.  The Muslims respect and love Jesus, and make it clear, and there is no difference in Muslims' beliefs about Jesus

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