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Islamic Crosswords game for All ages (14)

You may need a Java player to play this game click here to download.


1 Is the first month of the Islamic calendar
5 Is an obligatory charity
6 Is the Last of the Messengers of Allah to mankind
8 A spiritual wash of the face and hands before Salat
9 A Divine Unity
11 A tribe of Mecca to which Prophet Muhammad belonged
16 Is the niyyah of nearness to Allah
17 Is a salutation. It is also the last recitation at the end of Salat
18 Is part of the worship of Hajj and Umrah
19 Is the duty that is required for a missed prayers or fasting


2 Is the area between Mina and Arafat about 20 km. form Mecca
3 Is Satan, the enemy of mankind
4 Is the little pilgrimage, performed in ritual purity wearing the Ihram
6 Is a corpse, a dead body of a human being
7 Was the daughter of Khuwaylid and the wife of the Prophet
10 The acts whose neglect is not punished, but whose performance is rewarded
12 Is any chapter of the 114 in the Holy Qur'an
13 Is the reading of the prayer
14 Is the moon
15 Is a pronouncement of marriage according to Shariah

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