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Al-Hijab | Islamic Clothing

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Title:Al-Hijab | Islamic Clothing  
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Description:Al Hijaab are a forward looking business bringing you a large selection of authentic Islamic clothing for all occasions. We recognise the importance of such clothing in today's changing world and also recognise that you expect the highest quality garments at reasonable prices. With this in mind and inspired by the saying of our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) that “Allah is Beautiful and loves Beauty” we first began retailing to the Muslim community in Bradford in Ramadan/October 2003. In line with this hadith our aim is not to simply offer to you every Islamic garment that we can get our hands on but to offer you truly beautiful yet modest Islamic clothing that boasts superior quality and design at reasonable and affordable prices. As well as clothing for men, women and children we also stock a wide variety of accessories, gift and essential Islamic items ranging from books and audio to halaal sweets and perfumes. Many of the items which we sell in our store can also be offered at wholesale rates for those purchasing in large quantities. Al Hijaab not only get out there and find you the best in beautiful Islamic clothing but Alhamdulillah we are also able to design and produce our own lines of exquisite Islamic clothing. We have a wealth of design and tailoring experience behind us which we have committed to creating such designs. Our professional and well renowned tailors also carry out alterations and repairs to meet your individual needs so that the final product is the perfect one for you.
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