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Musafir Indian Restaurant Istanbul Turkey

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Title:Musafir Indian Restaurant Istanbul Turkey  
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Description: The one and only Indian / Pakistani Restaurant in the heart of Istanbul, in Taksim: Musafir Restaurant. It is situated on La Martin Street. The street opposite McDonald's on The Taksim square. It has a spacious dining hall with a seating capacity of at 50+. Inside the arrangement is by no means simple. Decoration is simple, yet artsy, are serenaded with semi- Pakistani / Indian music. There's fruity mango lassi on the menu to calm you down while you gaze out the big picture window and take in the quiet street, although by now you will have already been seduced by the perfume of exotic spice in the air. Here, food is the star of the show. The recently refurbished menu is mostly vegetarian, and the highly-trained chef produces some of the most delicious and imaginative dishes in the different and delicious Indian repertoire. Where Indian cooking is concerned, there is no neutral ground. One's either nuts about it, or else one all but chokes at the very sound of "curry." We run with the spice-likers. For us, a mere whiff of ghee-sizzled turmeric, cumin, chilies and garam masala provokes something akin to a catnip high. The menu tees off with plentiful soup, appetizer and salad choices, followed by multiple options in rice, vegetable and tandoori specialties, seafoods, lamb delicacies and chicken delights. The exquisite Carrot Halwa makes things worse for dieters. Good Indian cooking is subtle and complex. Spicy-hot dishes are only a small part of the repertoire, and there is never a hint of that brassy-flavored yellow stuff sold in cans as "curry powder." The word "kari" actually means "sauce," and each dish must have its own distinctive, unique blend of herbs and spices. The cooking style is a comfortable medium between Pakistani and Indian and the food here makes me feel right at home. Portions are big enough and lashings of rich and spicy food leave you full of quality food prepared using only the best and freshest ingredients. There are northern dishes baked in a special oven, or incorporating the wonderful, cheese (paneer), or showing the Persian origins of Moghlai cooking in the elaborate rice dishes called "biriyanis." Aromatic food is always served at a comfortable warmth. A pleasant experience is ensured when it's not crowded. Sure to become a favourite for curry lovers in the area. Address : Lamartin St. 24/A Talimhane - Taksim - Istanbul Ph : 0212 235 27 41
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