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Should we wait for the change or change ourselves? (GreaterKashmir ... Fiaz M Fazili on the rot that has set in our society and the need to reform and follow the divine path of Islam. No Muhammad Bin Qasim will come again. ... www.greaterkashmir.com/full_story.asp?Date=20_11_2007&ItemID=7&cat=12 - 31k - These blessed 10 days (GreaterKashmir.com) 12/11/2007 THOSE WHO COULD NOT PERFORM HAJJ HAVE A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO BAG THE BLESSINGS STAYING HOME, WRITES DR FIAZ M FAZILI. The last month of lunar calendar ... www.greaterkashmir.com/full_story.asp?Date=11_12_2007&ItemID=57&Cat=12 - 26k Ailing society, here lies the treatment (GreaterKashmir.com) 10/11 ... All our worries will be gone if we follow the path shown by the Almighty Allah, writes Dr Fiaz Maqbool Fazili. TV footage shown by NDTV on 5th October must ... greaterkashmir.net/full_story.asp?Date=11_10_2007&ItemID=7&cat=12 - 31k - Greater Kashmir Daily English Newspaper from Kashmir ... Fiaz M Fazili on the rot that has set in our society and the need to reform and follow the divine path of Islam. No Muhammad Bin Qasim will come again. ... www.greaterkashmir.net/NewsItem.asp?Date=11_8_2007&Show=12 - 20k - Reviving cultural routes (GreaterKashmir.com) 12/17/2007 Fiaz Fazili “Cultural routes reflect interactive, dynamic, and continually evolving processes of human intercultural links as they manifest themselves in ... www.greaterkashmir.com/Full_story.asp?Date=17_12_2007&ItemID=6&cat=12 - 27k Greater Kashmir Daily English Newspaper from Kashmir ...

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Title:Islamic Medicine-MEDINA SURGICALCLUB  
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Description:OUR AIM IS TO HELP&/9r GUIDE DOCTORS&/or COLLEAGUES ESPECIALLY SURGEONS WHO ARE LOOKING FOR EXPERT ADVICE ABOUT THEIR COMPLICATIONS OR DIFFICULT PATIENTS:And ALSO Patients who are seeking Help or Guidance FOR Their Surgical problems;and for muslim pts; islamic perspective related to health ; We intend To Promote,Share,Exchange our views on different Surgical Diseases,complications;line of treatment AND ISLAMIC MEDICINE and FATWAS; Islamic opinions on Helath problems;Over all OUR Aim is to improve patient care;update/help our colleagues in treating patients and their complications/or who need expert advice about surgical subjects,, and on patient MANAGEMENT ; or Complications IF THEY ENCOUNTERED during patient management;We have panel of Expert SURGEONS to answer the queries for both Patients and DOCTORS/Surgeons;Try us once;Let Us fullfill Our Religous DUTY While Living in Holy City of MEDINA; Invite your friends/patients/Doctors/Surgeons- we are ready to answer them;LET MEDINA SHINE INSHAALLAH.LET US GET BLESSINGS FROM ALLAH WHILE LIVING IN MEDINA: ANY Qs ON SURGERY OR ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE RELATED TO MEDICAL PRACTICE we shal try to answer. Ask your Surgical problems/Complications/QUESTIONS ?/DOUBTS; we will answer your queries;We ARE READY TO ANSWER patients/Surgical colleagues/Students /DOCTORS; Any one -I\it is free for all; InshaAllah we will respond ;Even on Islamic Fatwas/QUESTIONS LIKE IVF,TRANSPLANT related to Surgery/Medicine;Thank U; DR Fiaz Maqbool Fazili;Surgeon and Former Lecturer SIMS Srinagar presently ;From The Holy City of Medina Munawarah;KSA;
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