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Title:Globalia Magazine  
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Description:BERLIN (EMU). The Muslim media company IZ Medien GmbH (which is a limited company), based in Berlin/Germany, completed the first edition of a new Magazine - GLOBALIA Magazine - in January 2008. The IZ Medien GmbH has also been until now a contributing factor in the work of the European Muslim Union (EMU). As the name suggests, GLOBALIA aims to provide orientation and discernment in a global world marked by enormous amounts of information and dramatic changes. After some preparation, the IZ Medien GmbH launched a media project consisting of traditional printed publications, a creative website, and a progressive multimedia offering. Its editor is EMU president Abu Bakr Rieger. In terms of content, Globalia which is the second printed publication of the IZ Medien GmbH after Islamische Zeitung has the following medium-term objectives: - the intention to provide as broader readership as possible with relevant knowledge and present projects with global significance. - the intention to intensify the contacts with major decision-makers, scholars and business-people, and act as an exchange for people who think globally. - it is important for the publishers "to present Islam and the Muslims in a positive light in our media". The media company hopes together with some new partners to build a strong place in the market for this truly global magazine over the course of 2008. People make history. Trade between people brings peace. One of the magazines` aims is to stimulate discussion between the elites who trade globally. It will examine especially the points of view of important business-people, thinkers and artists from the new urban centres of this world such as Berlin, Istanbul, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur.
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