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Quran in the Hadith


Jabir R.a reports that Rosulullahi S.a.w said:

" Al Qur'an is such an interceder whose intercession is accepted, and a disputant whose dispute is upheld.

--Whoever keep it in front of him, it draws him to paradise, and

--Whoever puts it behind his back, it hurls him into Hell "

Narrated by Ibnu Haban & Hakim


Abdullah ibn Amir R.a reports that Rosulullahi S.a.w said:

" Fasting & Al Qur'an both intercede for obediant person.

-- The Fast submits:

O Allah ! I prevented him from eating & drinking during the day, so You eccept my intercession on his behalf.

--Al Qur'an says:

O Allah ! I denied him sleep at night, so You eccept my intercession for him.

Consequently, the intercession of both of them is accepted."

Narrated by Ahmad & Hakim and two others.


Abdullah ibn Amir R.a reports that Rosulullahi S.a.w said:

" Whoever reads Al Qur'an, secure the Knowledge of Prophethood within his ribs ( bossom ),

though Divine Revelation is not sent upon him.

It does not befit one endowed with Al Qur'an that he should be indignant with those in anger,

nor should he indulge in any act of ignorance with those who are ignorant,

while Al Qur'an is there in his bossom."

Narrated by Hakim.


Abu HurairohR.a reports that Rosulullahi S.a.w said:

" There is in Al Qur'an, a chapter of thirty ( 30 ) verses,

which intercedes for a person ( its reader ) untill he is forgiven.

That's chapter is --Tabarok-al ladhiy- . "

( chapter 67 )

Narrated by Ahmad, Abu Dawood, Nasa i, Ibnu Majah, and Ibnu Haban.

Verily The Prophet of Allah has Spoken The Truth.

Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon Him.

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