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Proofs of the Messengers' veracity

Proofs of the Messengers' veracity

We have, after that, to recognize the proofs of Prophethood. Among such proofs of the Messengers' veracity are:

1- They do not seek anything for their personal interest, rather they seek things for the public interest by warning their people against what may harm them.

2- What the Messengers reported to their people about the unseen world, no one can conceive through his intellect, and yet the reality always verified their statements.

3- Every Messenger is supported by a miraculous sign that his people could not challenge or match. Noah, for example, challenged his people to kill him, yet they were unable to do so, although he was living amongst them without guards, surrounded by the disbelievers hatred. Similarly, neither the people of Ibraheem and Hood were able to harm them. Allah, the Exalted, supported Musa, peace be upon him, by making his cane to change into a snake whenever Musa wanted it to be so. While Issa, peace be upon him, healed the blind, and the leper, and revived the dead with the permission of Allah. Muhammad, peace be upon him, received the great Qur'an. Bearing in mind that he was unlettered, and did not study under the instruction of any person, yet his people were unable to produce a book similar to the Qur'an as a whole, nor were they able to produce ten chapters the like thereof. Finally, Allah challenged them to produce a single chapter similar to that in the Qur'an, but they failed to meet the challenge. Never will any one be able to do so.

Allah says:

If mankind and the jinn gathered together to produce the like of this Qur'an, they would never be able to do so even if they helped each.

Allah sent a Messenger to every nation, and supported him with a miracle that suited the nature of his people. And since Allah sent every Messenger with a Message concerning that particular nation, and because those Messages were not final nor permanent, those Messages faded away along with the nations to whom they were sent. But the Message with which Muhammad, peace be upon him, was sent is the last and perpetual. Hence, the miracles of the previous Messengers were, generally, of materialistic nature, whereas the Qur'an is an intellectual and scientific Miracle, thus to suit the human intellect throughout the ages.

Now that you have known the merits of recognizing the deen of Allah, Islam, what then is this Islam which Allah approves of, and accepts from His slaves? Let us explore Islam in detail. Islam as you have already known, means, submitting to the will of Allah, the Exalted with obedience. It means worshipping only Allah, ascribing no partners to Him. Islam consists of rites and actions fulfilled by man out of obedience to Allah, and in conformity with the Message of the Messengers, the last of whom is Muhammad, peace be upon him. Muhammad's set of laws conclude all previous divine laws. Any other laws that disagree with his are null and void, because they disagree with Allah's final and permanent legislation.

These rites express the iman, (faith) in the heart of the believer, for whatever is based on faith and certainty, externally or internally is the true deen of Islam. Islam is the means by which man acquires the pleasure of his Rubb, his Creator, and the means of salvation that delivers him from the torment of the Day of Resurrection.

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