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As for "finding true islam", I don't quite understand what you mean by true.  I feel that I have Allah in my life.  I don't think that there is any way that I could describe to you how horrible my life was just last year!  I had been out on my own since 17, due to a falling out with my family.  Soon after that, I was drinking heavily and doing drugs.  I was sleeping around, using no protection.  I stopped caring.  Eventually, I lost my job and my apartment.  I was homeless, sleeping in cars, roaming the streets.  I couldn't, wouldn't go home because of my "pride".     Eventually, I got involved in a relationship that, although gave me a place to stay, turned abusive.  I left that relationship after the first slap, but ended up in another one that turned out the same, not that he was beating on me, but it was a lot of mental and verbal abuse.  This time I stayed, because I felt that I had no where else to go.
    So I do feel that Allah came into my life, that he set events into motion to get me out of all that.  Things had been bad between my mother and I since I was 17.  Then, all of a sudden, last year things began to get better between us!  Now I'm living at home.  I'm out of that relationship, and I no longer have a stressful job.  I work at home, helping my mom with her daycare, and I enjoy it.  I no longer drink or do drugs.  I no longer sleep around.
So I do feel blessed by Allah, I feel that he has come into my life to guide me and to help me.  I don't know if that is "finding true islam" or not, but I truly do believe that without Allah's guidance, beneficence, and mercy I would not be at the point in my life where I am today.  All Praises are Due to Allah!

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