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Truth & Trust in Islam

Written by: by Moustafa Kattih :: (View All Articles by: Moustafa Kattih)

In the name of Allah the most gracious, the most merciful

Dear brothers in Islam

The Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessing from Allah be upon him) said {Hypocrites are known by three characteristics: If he talks he lies, If he promise he fails to keep his promise, and if he is trusted in any matter he proves to be untrust worthy}

Dear brothers, building the individual is more important than building Masjid. Shaping the Muslim's character, according to the Islamic teachings, has long been the aim of our religion. Thus, today it is of a great importance to remind you of the three evil signs within all of us: lieng, breaking promises, and being untrust worthy. We can consider these three signs of evil as one character, because, if you do not fulfil a promise then you have lied, and, if you don't deliver what you are trusted with then you have lied. When you lie to someone, you mislead him, since they take your words to be the truth and they act upon it.

Dear faithul brothers

If you talk, regardless if you are serious or joking, do not lie. If you promise someone to carry a certain act, fulfil that promise regardless what your situation may be.

Failing to fulfil a promise is a characteristic of the Satan; so, liars and those who do not fulfil their promises are the devils among humans. Allah almighty says describing Satan {Satan makes them promises, and creates in them false desires, but Satan promises are nothing but deception.} Allah also says informing us of Satan's statements in the day of judgement {It was Allah who gave you a promise of truth: I too promise, but I failed in my promise to you}. Truth and promise fulfillment are the traits of Allah (all prais be to him). Allah says {There is no doubt; for Allah never fails in his promises}

Dear faithful brothers

Allah warns us of bad and evil morals and he put great emphasis on truth, trust and promise fulfillment. The Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessing from Allah be upon him) said, explaining the meaning of trust (Trust is in Prayers, Trust is in Fasting, Trust is in your convesation; the highest of trust is to be entrusted with a matter). Thus, ignoring prayers, not fasting, lieing to others, and not fulfilling promises, all of that abolishes trust.

When the Prophet (peace and blessing from Allah be upon him) was permitted to leave Makka to Madeena, and he had many things that people entrusted with him. He asked Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) to return these items to its original owners. Then the unbelievers in Makka trusted the Prophet (peace and blessing from Allah be upon him) although they were trying to kill him. Although he was in danger, Ali stayed behind to fulfill the Prophet's trust. So, trust is a serious responsibility and is not to be taken lightly.

Dear brothers in Islam,

Allah Almighty says {and fulfil every engagement, for every engagement will be enquired into, on the day of reckoning}. Allah also says {Fulfil the covenant of Allah when ye have entered into it, and break not your oaths after ye have confirmed them: indeed ye have made Allah have your surety; for Allah knoweth all that ye do}. Allah further says {O ye who believe! Why say ye that which you do not. Grievously odious is it in the sight of Allah that ye say that which you do not}. Allah almighty described the faithful with many characteristics, he says {The believers must eventually win through, …until he says, those who faithfully observe there trusts and covenants}. The prophet (peace and blessing from Allah be upon him) said {fulfil your trust if your trusted with something, and tell the truth when you are talking.} The prophet also said {he is not faithful who is not trust worthy, and he is not a believer who does not keep his oath}, he also said {If one tells a lie, the angel stay a mile away from him for the rotten he has done.} From that, we derive that lying has a rotten smell. The prophet (peace and blessing from Allah be upon him) also said {To every untrust worthy there is a sign by which he will be known on the day of judgement}

Dear brothers, the untrust worthy is the one who lies when he talks and the who promises but never fulfil his promise, and further, he can not be depended on because will never deliver. The definition also covers those who do not live to their agreements; so, pay a close attention to your action so may not fall under this definition


Dear faithful brothers, as most of you are strangers to this land. Surely, you have faced those who lie to you or those who promise but never fulfil their promise. Furthermore, the closest of friends and relatives could have been among those who did not deserve your trust. Thus this action caused some of us to believe that doing so is acceptable. Nowadays, we find Muslims who carelessly lie and break their promises and further can not be trusted.

Dear brothers, you should know that,

You are a liar if speak anything but the truth.

You are incompetent if you do not fulfil your promises.

You are an untrust worthy if do not fulfil your trusts

All the above are the characteristics of Satan, and if you possess these characteristics, then Satan has come over you and took control of you.

Come back to Allah, and clean your hearts from these evil deeds. Ask Allah for his forgiveness


By Moustafa kattih

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Those khutabs and speeches are a part of what have been said at masjed annour in chattanooga/Tn during friday prayers by imam Moustafa.
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