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The Qur'aan Is The Speech Of Allah

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The Qur'aan is from the speech of Allah, literally not metaphorically. He revealed it to His Messenger (may Allah exalt his mention) so that he could give Allah’s warning to all the worlds. Muhammad (may Allah exalt his mention) merely conveyed the Message. Anyone who doubts this has to assume that either the Prophet himself made it up or someone else taught it to him. As for the first of these two possibilities – the idea that the Qur'aan, in all of its eloquence, was a product of the brilliance, insightfulness and spiritual sensitivities of Muhammad (may Allah exalt his mention) – it is rejected for a number of reasons:

1. No matter how brilliant or insightful a person might be, there is no way that he could discuss the happenings of nations lost to antiquity, issues of belief and Divine Law, the rewards and punishments of Heaven and Hell, and future events, all in such great detail without any contradiction and with a most perfect style and literary form. The Prophet (may Allah exalt his mention) had never once read a book nor met with any historian.

2. The Qur'aan makes to the disbelievers a stern challenge that they will never be able to produce a chapter similar to it. Such a challenge would never have come from the Messenger (may Allah exalt his mention), who was known for his wisdom and good judgment, to the most eloquent and fluent speakers around, especially since he wanted his Message and his call to be successful and enjoy wide acceptance.

3. The Qur'aan, in some places, sternly rebukes Muhammad (may Allah exalt his mention) where he acted upon his own judgment in something and did not decide on what is best. The Qur'aan came clarifying the truth and showing the error of the Prophet (may Allah exalt his mention). No rational person would come with declarations of his own error and circulate them among the people. If he had any say in the Qur'aan at all, he would have hidden these passages from the people. Allah says: “And if he had forged a false statement concerning Us, We surely would have seized him by his right hand and would certainly have ripped out his artery of life. And none of you could have withheld us from punishing him.”

4. Many verses of the Qur'aan begin with the imperative verb “Say!” As a matter of fact, this occurs more than three hundred times, addressing Muhammad (may Allah exalt his mention) and directing him with respect to what he should say. He, thus, did not follow his own desires; he followed only what was revealed to him. He was the one being addressed, not the speaker; quoting what he had heard, not expressing what he felt.

5. Complete harmony exists between what the Qur'aan says regarding the physical world and what has been discovered by modern science. This has been a source of amazement for a number of contemporary western researchers. The Qur'aan discusses a number of very specific scientific issues – from fields such as embryology, oceanography, and astronomy – that were completely unknown until many centuries after the Qur'aan was revealed.

The second possibility offered by the doubtful is that the Prophet (may Allah exalt his mention) learned the Qur'aan from someone else. There are a number of reasons why this is false:

1. Muhammad (may Allah exalt his mention) was illiterate. He grew up among a people who were generally illiterate. They knew only how to speak eloquently and fluently. Due to their idolatry, they did not associate with the Christians and Jews. Allah says: “This is of the news of the unseen that We reveal unto you (O Muhammad). Neither you nor your people knew it before this. So be patient. Surely, the good outcome is for the pious.” This verse clearly mentions that the Arabs had no knowledge of these things. It is not recorded in history that any of the Arabs objected to the fact that this verse declared them ignorant of the things that this verse is referring to.

2. The Arabs never attempted to contradict the Qur'aan or take credit for any part of it, in spite of their violent rejection of it. Though the Qur'aan challenged their most eloquent speakers to bring a chapter like it, none of them ever attempted it. They knew the truth of the situation and did not want to face the disgrace of defeat, since they were the masters of eloquence in poetry, prose, and persuasive speaking.

3. The Qur'aan is in Arabic and the Jews and Christians spoke other languages. None of the historical references mention that the Prophet (may Allah exalt his mention) ever sat with monks and rabbis to learn from them. The Qur'aan is in the most fluent Arabic, a language foreign to the Jews and Christians. Allah says: “the tongue of the one they refer to is foreign, while this is in clear Arabic.”

4. The Qur'aan takes a stance against the Jews and Christians, refuting their misconceptions and arguments and inviting them to believe in the Messenger and the Message that he came with. It is very unlikely that these same Jews and Christians would be the source of the Qur'aan, especially considering how they turned away from it, disbelieved in it, and rejected the Messenger.

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