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Al Islam

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You born for pray not for abuse not for lust so please pray. Don't you know why you born? Don't you know why you born human not animal? You born for pray so please pray to Allah other wise your life is nothing. Allah hi Allah kia karoo ossi ka nam lia karoo ossi ka kam kia karoo sattan is only interfere in your spirit not every where sattan communicate with souls not other dead mass sattan cannot do any thing phiscaly it self and he bother you to do and communicate to your soul, sattan not have powers to do any thing by phisycaly he use your body and brain. Human don't know about soul and what is it the Soul/Spirit/Rooh? and who is the jin ? which is Allah mansion in Quran. Allah says in Quran ins & jin and we know we are ins but no buddy knows about jin and could be posible it is your Spirit or Rooh because Spirit or Rooh is unknown energy and Jin also made by fire or some kind of fire energy and that's why sattan communicate with humans and control the human brain or spirits because Allah says in Quran sattan made by fire or some kind of fire energy.... think about it....keep thinking... So you need to fight with sattan inside sitting in your soul and control your self and breack the communication between your soul/spirit/Rooh and sattan. Insan har cheez ka majmoa hay is kay andar world may jo bhi jandar cheez hay oski khobi insan may hay wo har wo kam kar sakta hay jo koi jandar is zameen per kar sakta hay lakin insan os waqt affzal hay jaab woh Allah ko sajdah karta hay or oski ebadad karta hay or kisi cheez say nahi darta saway Allah kh or harmadad kay lia Allah hi ko pokarta hay or jab insan yah sab chor data hay tu Allah insanoo ko filter kartata hay woh onhi qoomo or loogoon ko zameen per rakhta hay jo oska hookam manay. 100% guaranteed There is no magic or other hidden forces in the world physical to do some thing just Allah every where and He can do what He want and He knows better what He want in the world there is no hidden force to challenge Allah if you considering that's your imaginations from sattan. NO BUDDY CAN CHANGE YOU WITHOUT ALLAH MERCY, ALLAH CREATED YOU DON'T FORGET YOU WILL BE BACK TO ALLAH ONE DAY Soray Al-Kahf may Dajjaal ka zikar hay shoroo ki or akhri 10 Ayiat may Dajjaal ajh ka christian hay.. iss link may Dajjal ka zikar hay http://www.alislam.org/quran/tafseer/?page=485®ion=UR Allah says in Quran about Dajjaal in Soray AL-KAHF first 10 and last 10 Ayiat about present Christians.... http://www.alislam.org/quran/tafseer/?page=574®ion=EN MUHAMMAD PBH محمد صلى الله عليه وأله وسلم LAST PROPHET ON EARTH AND PROMISED MESSIAH (IMAM MAHDI ) HAZARAT MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD QADIAN الإمام المهدي والمسيح الموعود عليه السلام FOLLOWER PROPHET OF MUHAMMAD PBH محمد صلى الله عليه وأله وسلم ARRIVED 1835 ON EARTH .....more info www.alislam.org Ahmadiyya Muslims online Live Web TV 24 hours broadcasting www.mta.tv program is running please watch.....more info www.alislam.org " Love for All, Hatred for None " The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has a current worldwide membership exceeding tens of millions in over 185 countries. It was founded in 1889 by his Holiness Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian الإمام المهدي والمسيح الموعود عليه السلام , who claimed to be the spiritual second advent of Christ and the Promised Reformer (Mahdi) awaited by the Muslims. He unequivocally condemned violence and terrorism in any form and for any reason. Today the Community is headed by his Holiness Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (Mirza Masroor Ahmad), who resides in London... www.mta.tv .... www.alislam.org

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