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Charity in Islam

Written by: by Moustafa Kattih :: (View All Articles by: Moustafa Kattih)

In the name of Allah the most gracious, the most merciful

What is charity:

Dear faithful brothers, the Arabic word for charity is sadaqa which is derived from the word sidq or truth. The Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessing from Allah be upon him) said, [prayers are light and charity is a proof.] Then, charity is a proof of how faithful

one is.

Our Mission:

It is our intent to spread the word of all mighty Allah everywhere we can. First step was to establish a solid foundation in Chattanooga Tennessee. We have started in a 750 square foot office, an Imam was hired to lead the community. The Imam has knowledge of both Islam and the Arabic Language, he has a master degree in the teaching methods of Arabic from Damascus University. The Imam's knowledge of the Arabic Language was used to teach Muslim Children seven years old and above the Arabic Language and reading our Holy Quran. Fifty six students are currently enrolled in classes which will be more intensive classes during the summer time.

The community in Chattanooga Tennessee has decided collectively to establish a mosque (Masjed Al Noor), where Allah's name will forever be called. This mosque will be a school for our children and a community center for all Muslims. It will be the foundation where young Muslims can grow in a Muslim environment.

A property has been chosen by the community to establish our mosque. The property's cost is $130,000, (one hundred thirty thousand US dollars), plus remodeling and building costs which is estimated to be $130,000 more. A fund raising meeting was conducted for the Muslim community, $86,000 (eighty six thousand) were collected. We are asking all faithful Muslims to contribute from Allah's wealth to establish a place were Allah's name can be called in this city forever.


By Moustafa kattih

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Those khutabs and speeches are a part of what have been said at masjed annour in chattanooga/Tn during friday prayers by imam Moustafa.
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