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Written by: by Moustafa Kattih :: (View All Articles by: Moustafa Kattih)

In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful

I. What is Al-Eid :

Dear faithful brothers and sisters:

Al-Eid in Islam is a form of worship. There are two Eid occasions in Islam and they are both linked to a form of worship. The first Eid is linked to Pilgrimage form of worship and the second which this Eid which linked to the form of worship that preceded it, namely the fasting of Ramadan.

Eid is neither entertainment nor dancing and drinking parties, nor it is debauchery or engagement in immoral behavior. In heavens, the day of Eid is called "the day of reward"; On this day, the angels say as narrated by the prophet (PBUH) {you have fasted your month of Ramadan, you have stayed up its nights (in intense worship), congratulations and blessings to you ; so, set off to receive your reward from your Lord.}

I, in turn, congratulate you on this Eid occasion and pray to Allah the almighty that he may bestow upon you lasting health and peace and may Allah bring this Eid back again full of peace and serenity; and may Allah fulfill your wishes.

Dear brothers and sisters:

It is a must that I remind you to continue your devotion and your worship. I also must remind you to continue being mindful and fearful of Allah after Ramadan, that you may not slack off in performing your prayers especially that of Jumma (Friday congregational prayer). Furthermore, I must urge you not to miss congregational prayers especially those of Al-Fajr and Al-Ishaa. Allah the Almighty says {I have created Jinns and men, that they may serve me}. I further remind you to fast six days of the month of Shawal, after this Eid, for that is what the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) did.

II. Spending and enjoyment.

Al-Eid is the time to spend generously on your families and children according to your means. Whoever has not purchased gifts and clothes for his children, please do so after the Eid prayer. The prophet (PBUH) said {The best money spent by a man is that one he spent on his family}. He also said {It is sin enough for a man to neglect whom he nourishes}

It is permitted that you celebrate Al-Eid as long as you avoid what is forbidden. Abu Bakur (may Allah be pleased with him) heard people singing in celebration on the day of Eid and he tried to stop them. The prophet (PBUH) said {O' Abu-Bakur leave them in what they are doing its their Eid day}

III. The Muslim Nation.

Dear brothers and sisters:

We are one nation united under the slogan of {There is no God save Allah and Mohammed (PBUH) is his messenger}. Allah the Almighty says {Surely this nation of yours is a single nation and I am your Lord, Therefore serve me.}

Surely, there is no difference between an Arab and a Hindu or a Pakistani and a Iranian or a Black and White; we are all children of Adam and Adam was created from dirt. {Verily The most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you}. I humbly advise you to purify your hearts from the evil of nationalism and ethnic-ism which have been planted by the enemies of Islam to shatter our unity.

It is important to I state that the Arabic language is the Language of Quran; and, at least the basic parts of Kutbbah (Eid Kutbbah or Jumma Kutbbah) must be spoken in Arabic for the Jumma prayer to be valid. Otherwise, Zuhur (noon) prayer must be performed. So, I urge you to learn and love the Arabic language because it is the Language of Quran and the Islamic nation.

IV. Muslims Condition.

Dear brothers and sisters:

As you celebrate El-Eid in happiness, remember your brothers and sisters in the Islamic world which is surrounded by the enemies of Islam. Remember the children and people of Iraq who are left to starve due to an unjust sanctions. Remember the starvation in Somalia. Remember the hungry people of Kashmir and Bangladesh. Always keep in your mind your brothers and sisters in Bosnia and Cheychnia. Ask Allah the Almighty to ease the pain, suffering and atrocities inflected upon them by the enemies of Islam. Ask Allah to help them in overcoming their enemies and to give them victory.

The prophet (PBUH) said {The faithful believers are brothers}

I have said the above and I implore Allah to forgive my sins and yours


By Moustafa kattih

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Those khutabs and speeches are a part of what have been said at masjed annour in chattanooga/Tn during friday prayers by imam Moustafa.
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