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Farewell Ramadan

Written by: by Moustafa Kattih :: (View All Articles by: Moustafa Kattih)
Dear brothers and sisters:


This is the last Jum'ah in Ramadan of 1418 h. This month is departing quickly! And that is the way with the human life. The human life train goes on and the people have forgotten Death. This everyday life has two doors: we enter through one door and we soon get out through the second door. Life is a sleeper's dream and that when people die they are awakened. {Al A'nkaboot 29:64}

{What if the life of this world but amusement and play? but verily the home of the hereafter - that is life indeed, if they but knew}

And at the Day of Judgment the Lord of the people will ask the people:{Al Mu',minoon 23 :112-114}

{He will say: What number of years did ye stay on earth? * *They will say: we stayed a day or part of a day: But ask those who keep account. ** He will say: Ye stayed not but a little, If ye had only known!} .

So say farewell to Ramadan with supplication and obedience to Allah by keeping up your prayers and Sunnah. And it is unfortunate that I have found that many of you did not perform the Taraweeh in this Ramadan, even once! It is a surprise to see what these fun-seekers are running after, and it is strange the way they are following a mirage! And life is not but a mirage!

These are the last ten days of Ramadan, and the prophet (pbuh) used to get ready for these days. He used to wake up his family to perform Ibadat, and he used to make a lot of supplications and pleadings to Allah, although Allah has forgiven his sins and mistakes so let's think what should we do.


Oh Muslim brothers and sisters! You always review your business account, your salaries; and expenses. But did you hold yourself accountable in Ramadan? Did you fast? Did you make much supplications and pleadings seeking forgiveness from Allah? Did you avoid what Allah ordered us to avoid? Did you read Quran and understand or comprehend even one Surah of it? . Our prophet (pbuh) said: Hold yourselves accountable before you are held accountable.

And Allah says in AL Israa {17:14}:

{(It will be said to him)" Read thine (own) record: sufficient is thy soul. This day to make out an account against thee}.


I'd like to remind you of Zakatu Al Fitr. It is an obligatory on every Muslim whether he is a young or old Muslim, whether he performed fasting or not. It is not mandatory on the unborn or non-Muslim wife. And it is a requisite for completion of Siyam.

The prophet (pbuh) said: Zakatu Al Fitr is a purification of the fasting individual from excessive talking (or in another word innocent gossip), and from getting sexually close to the spouse "

Zakatu Al Fitr is $7 per individual and it can be paid from the beginning of Ramadan till the Eid prayer. It is distributed to the poor Muslims or the needy Muslims in this town/country. It is not to be distributed to the non-Muslims. It can be sent to other countries and you can pay it to the Masjed School, But not the masjed itself. You can give it to the treasurer or simply dropping in the box in an envelope with a notice that it is Zakatu Al Fitr, and your masjed board will make sure it is distributed to the proper channel.


EID will be enshallah either Monday or Tuesday. And I will tell you the exact day by phone as soon as we know it and I will leave a message in the masjed phone machine, and I ask Allah that we all will follow the decision of our Islamic community in this city.

Dear brothers and sisters: All the scholars had said that every Muslim individual must start and finish his fasting with the Islamic community in the city where he is. The prophet (pbuh) said: (The fasting starts in the day when the people start fasting and the EID starts when the people break their fasting), and the mentioned people are the people in your city Islamic community represented by the IMAM, though there was no phones.

The American Muslim's fasting has nothing to do with Egypt, Saudia Arabia or else. This is a bad, sad disagreement situation we can not change it. But whom did you fast with and who will you break your fast with?

It is logical in our Islam that we must fast and Eid with his present city Islamic group .the Egyptian in Saudi will fast with them and break with. And though the Saudi in Egypt will. And in all the Islamic history there is no one who Made FATWA to a group of Muslims to fast by themselves regardless of there city.

One of the Prophet (pbuh) components came from Al Sham (which is Syria and Palestine now) and said to IBN ABBAS the imam of Madenah: we started fasting on Friday so tomorrow is the Eid and IBN ABBAS said: we started at Saturday so our Eid is after tomorrow. This is what the prophet (pbuh) taught us to follow the group.


Every Muslim must follow in his fasting and EID the masjed in his city whether he fasts less or more. And every other practice is HARAM (forbidden) according to all the scholars. Whoever didn't know that before now or didn't mean to break the unity of the group or to make FETNAH is excused. But those who are doing it just to show the disagreement, or to Make FETNAH so they are gonna fast when the group is not, and break their fast when the group is still fasting. Those are who have been called by the God AL-MURAGGFUN (the one who broadcast any news to break the unity of the Muslim group or weaken it). Or as the prophet said about them: who ever opposed opposed in the fire.


I'd like to remind you of the Sunan (Plural of Sunnah) of the Eid, and I have printed that in Arabic and English so please get bound by them. Remember that the Eid might be Monday or Tuesday and that the Khutbah (or the sermon) is to be given after the Eid prayer so please come to camp Jordan center early.

May Allah give us a guidance to do what is right. The prophet (pbuh) said: the fasting individual has two pleasures or excitements: one of them is when he celebrates the Eid, and the other one is the time when he will meet his lord.

I say what you have heard and I ask Allah for forgiveness for you and myself.


By Moustafa kattih

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Those khutabs and speeches are a part of what have been said at masjed annour in chattanooga/Tn during friday prayers by imam Moustafa.
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