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ISLAM (Surrender to = PEACE)

Written by: by Syed Misbahuddin :: (View All Articles by: Syed Misbahuddin)
This is my small understanding of Islam -------------------------------------------------- The book has history of Islam from birth of Prophet Muhammad in the 6th century to its status as a global culture and political force today. Explains the nature and message of the Quar'an. I am giving below some common questions and answers relating to ISLAM 1-What is this peace anyway? To follow commandments in QURAN, it says don’t steal, don’t kill, don’t lie, don’t take interest, don’t do injustice, don’t fornicate, don’t worship except ALLAH etc. 2-So basically Muslims follow book written by MUHAMMAD? Mohammad lived upto 63 years and died without knowing how to write, he is buried in city of Medina, Saudi Arabia. 3-Who wrote QURAN then? Muhammad 1417H. Years ago at his age 40 saw an angel asking him to read, he said I am not literate, I can’t read and write. The Angel pressed him to his chest and said repeat after me ========================================================== (\READ IN THE NAME OF MY LORD WHO MADE EVERYTHING\\MADE HUMAN FROM A LEECH LIKE SHAPE\\\READ YOUR LORD IS KIND\\\\WHO TAUGHT WITH PEN\\\\\TAUGHT MAN WHAT HE KNEW NOT) ========================================================== This is how 114 Chapters completed, MUHAMMAD memorized the recitation and his friends memorized All taught Muhammad. (QURAN means recitation in Arabic). 4-Are there sayings of MUHAMMAD mixed in the QURAN? No!!! The sayings of Muhammad are saved in another book called (Hadees)The Quran is the Words of ALLAH (Lord) only. Muhammad is mentioned in quran like (YOU WRAPPED UP IN THICK CLOTHES, GET UP AND WARN YOUR PEOPLE). 5-Can QURAN be edited and changed by anyone today or before? Impossible, whole Quran was memorized by 50% of his companions (150,000) A hand written copy of one of his companions still exist and from that time, even today 7% of Muslims spread all over the world have memorized the same quran and we read the full quran in the month of RAMAZAN with the full community present once every year in the Mosque (Masjid) (Masjid means a place of prostrations in Arabic) We call RAMAZAN the month of QURAN from the times of MUHAMMAD a changed and printed quran will be laughed at by centuries old memorized quran. We recite the quran in the dialect of MUHAMMAD, it is not just ARABIC language, and its dialect is of Muhammad times. 6-How many enemies he had and how many followers he had in his first 10 years of teachings? His first 10 years, He had roughly 70 followers in a city full of 90,000 people, he was beaten, laughed at and his followers were made to sit on burning coal to give up saying ALLAH is ONE and QURAN is sent by him or it is the word. 7-What was the bribe of Mecca people to Muhammad? They said we will give gold equal to your weight, we will give you any woman you want in Mecca, if she is married already we will get her divorce or any number of virgins, we will make you king of Arabia, just stop teaching this quran or edit it to please us. 8-What was the reply of Muhammad to the bribe? I don’t recite the quran with my wish, these are the words revealed to me, everyone's lord is one, we surrender to his peace as Muslims (Muslims means a surrender-er to peace). 9-What is migration and what is Muslim calendar? Mecca people decided to kill Muhammad, he placed Ali in charge of the trust (Goods and Money)which Meccans used to keep with him and he fled in the dark of night with his friend Abu baker, he migrated to Medina a city full of date palms (500 Kms from Mecca) he was 53 years old and was married 32 years to one wife. Who had just died from atrocities of Mecca, it was 13th year of revelation, this is first year of Muslim calendar Hijri (Hijra = Migration). 10-Did Meccans had access to reading of Quran and were they able to analyze it? Yes Mecca never said Muhammad is a liar or deceitful or untrustworthy, they only objected that the quran be changed and made to fit with the times and the idol worshippers ideology, they had full access to quran. 11-Do Muslims love Muhammad because he commanded the MOUNTAIN to come to him? Muhammad is the most well documented person in the history of mankind after 1427H.Years we still have 500,000 uncorrupted sayings of Muhammad and we also have QURAN as taught by Muhammad. We Muslims don’t know the writer from which source he got this mountain story? As far as Muslims are concerned he was a trustworthy man, never lied and HE KEPT HIS TRUST no matter what difficulty. We Muslims love him for his trust and truth. He said don’t even get up to show respect to me to all. That is how simple and humble he was. 12-Why Muslims grow beards, why they marry 4 wives and why woman wear veils and body cover? Quran teaches us all this. Quran says marry upto 4 woman if you can do justice to all, if not one is better for you if you knew. Quran says keep covered those parts of your body which attract for your purity and sense of safety. 13-Why Muslims come to Mecca in millions every year? Lord said to ABRAHAM (Ibrahim) the world knows your love for me with your sacrifice. How will they know my love for you? This is the reason we Muslims do (HAJ) Pilgrimage, We sacrifice a lamb on the 10Th day of Zulhijja(12 Th. Month of Hijri (Lunar Calendar)) during Hajj and also Muslims all over the world sacrifice a lamb per person on this day. It is our festival. All things we do in pilgrimage are the actions of ABRAHAM(Ibrahim) even our prayers are praises of Ibrahim during HAJ time. (Muhammad said those who can afford to do it can do it). 14-What QURAN say about itself, is there a test of its authenticity? Quran says if this book was from other than Lord (Allah) you will find many discrepancies (Physical, Textual, Psychological, Environmental, Astronomical, Biological etc.,etc.,) if you still doubt than produce 10 chapters like it in Arabic? 15-Is the translated text of quran equal word of God (Allah) ? No, translations pass thru human mind and cannot retain the original grammatical meanings meant by Lord; the words of (Allah) are his meanings not man's interpretations. Lord speaks like lord and man speaks like man. 16-What is the belief of FATE and predestination of Muslims? Muslims believe everything is under rule of Lord(Allah) my job my car, the accident, the world wars all events are his workings, we should keep faith in him no matter what happens, we cannot judge him or call him cruel. He made us out of nothing so his mercy precedes his justice QURAN says treat equal all your sons and daughters, sons has equal inheritance of your money and daughters has equal inheritance. (This is how Lord speaks). ========================================================== ALLAH proper noun cannot be converted or modified to mean anything except ALLAH, where as GOD is a weak word, it can be modified to mean Goddess and Godson etc., I say to the reader all mistakes here are mine, please don’t judge me with harshness. I have not used P.U.B.H (Peace be upon him) beside the names of prophets, it is duty of Muslims to use it, but I wanted to keep this review simple for non Muslim readers. So please take this note as my justification. ========================================================== With my limited knowledge I tried to make plain a very vast subject

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