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Educational Software of Holy Quran Recitation

Written by: by Hoda :: (View All Articles by: Hoda)
The Quran is the central religious text of Islam. Muslim should learn how to recitative it. The Qur’an itself outlining the general method of how it is to be recited: slowly and in rhythmic tones. Tajwid is the term for techniques of recitation, and assessed in terms of how accessible the recitation is to those intent on concentrating on the words. Soroush Iman is educational software of Quran recitation for Islam world. People can use its professional methods to learn recitation of Koran. Some of its individual properties are: 1- The 1st complete Self-Powered 2-Way recitation software with the ability of user recitation correction. 2- Intelligence Preferential to User Recitation 3- Complete recitation of Holy Quran (By well known Quran reciters (Qaris) of the World) 4- Complete Standard Translations of the Holy Quran into more than 10 Languages (English, French, Malay, Indonesian, German, Italian and more) 5- Auto-Detection of the User Voice Specifications (Such as Voice Pitch, Frequency, …) Based on Advanced Sound Processing Techniques 6- Fast Advanced Search in All Translations 7- Fast Advanced Search in Holy Quran (Arabic Note) 8- The Ability of Record and Play of the User Voice for Better Self Assessment Learn More If you would like to learn more about quran software, visit Quran24 Web site: www.quran24.com About Quran24 Quran24.com is provided Soroush Iman quran software for all Muslim in the world. This software is the property of Soroush Mehr Co. © 2008 Quran24, Quran Software Association of Iran. Authorization to post is granted, with the stipulation that Quran24 is credited as sole source. Linking to other sites from this Article is strictly prohibited, with the exception of herein imbedded links.

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Title:Educational Software of Holy Quran Recitation  
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Description:Educational Software of Holy Quran Recitation with Complete Standard Translations of the Holy Quran into more than 10 Languages (English, French, Malay, Indonesian, German, Italian and more)
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