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Eid Adha Sunnan

In The Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful 

Sunnan Ead Al-Adhah:

1.        Fasting the day of Arrafah is a sunnah, also, and it will be on Tuesday April 6, 1998.

2.        Takbeer of Ead starts in the time of Asr (before sunset) on the day of Arrafah (April the 6th). On this evening, Muslims say takbeera and they keep saying it after each prayer until the evening of the fourth day of Ead.

3.        It is sunnah to take a shower, wear new clothes and perfume before you go to pray Ead prayer.

 4.        Those who sacrifice lambs should not cut their hair or clip their nails until after slaughtering the lambs.

 5.        Sacrificing a lamb is sunnah for people who are able financially. Those who are able must sacrifice. The time for sacrificing starts directly after Ead prayer, until the evening of the last day of Ead.

6.        Presenting yourself in Ead prayer is a sunnah for all Muslims, men, women, and children. Women who are excused from prayer may attend the prayer gathering, but should not pray.

7.        Taking two different ways to and from prayer is sunnah during Ead.

8.        Ead prayer is two rakkat. We say takbeera seven times in the first rakkat and five times in the second rakkat. Between every two takbeeras, we say, "Subhan Allah wa al-hamdulila wa la llaha illah Allah wa Allahu akbur."

9.        There is no athan nor ikamat salah and no praying sunnah in the Ead prayer.

10.     1t is sunnah to play, eat, sing, and have fun, within the guidelines of Islam, in the days of Ead 

11.     It is sunnah for Muslim households to generously feed and buy presents for their families (toys, clothes, shoes, etc.)

12.     Congratulating and visiting each other in the days of Ead is a sunnah.


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