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Ursury in Islam

Written by: by Moustafa Kattih :: (View All Articles by: Moustafa Kattih)

Allah (s.w.t.) said: those who devour usury will not stun except as the one whom has been touched by the evil stands. driven to madness. that is because they say "trade is like usury" but Allah has previtted trade and forbidden usury.

As we all know, trade is the trading between merchant and money but the usury is the money addition on loans.

Usury is forbidden in Christianity too (Luke, chapter6, verses34), loan your money, not awaiting usury, and then your reward is great

Soyoka "who is one of the greatest revere in Europe church in this century" said: (L usury is not a sin) has turned away from the religion of Jesus.

Germany prohibited its banks from charging usury between the tow world wars (1920 - 1945)

Usury is forbidden in Judaism. According to verses 71(if you lend money to the children of my people don't ask them to pay interest), and verses 35(if your brother is in need don't ask any interest from him). Jewish people forbid usury among them, and deal with it among other people.

Islam has forbidden usury in the wording of the Qur'an and the prophet (p.b.u.h) and by the unanimous decision of all the schools of Islam.

Allah (s.w.t) said O you, who believe, fear Allah and give up what remains of your demand of usury, you are indeed believers. If you do it not, take a notice of war from Allah and his messenger. But if you turn back (return to Allah) from usury, you shall have your capital sums, don't deal unjustly and you shall not dealt unjustly.

As we notice from this verse Allah has declared a war and tow kind of people only (1) he who deals with usury (2) and he who harms AlMouhsen.

The Prophet (p.b.u.h) said: Allah has demand usury and he who devours it, pay it, its witnesses, and he who writes it.

Allah (s.w.t) has forbidden usury because it is a financial profit or gain without any physical effort, and it creates animosity among one another, and it separates our society.

Lenders are the ones who live a luxury life, very rich, and the loaner's work like animals all day long just to pay their debts.

The prophet said: earning one Derham "about one dollar" from usury is worse to Allah (in the religion of Allah) than committing 63 adultery (fornication).

The prophet (p.b.u.h) said: a time would come on people he who doesn't get hit directory by usury would be reached by it's dust. This describes us in the U.S.A.

- Having an account in the bank: make sure that the interest that you earned on your account doesn't get to your pocket, in the same time don't leave it to the bank, it should be calculated and paid as a charity.

- Food stamps: one of the most obvious dealing with usury that some of us fell in it is buying food stamps for less than what it is worth, the dealer in this case is doing to forbidden acts: he is a sinner of usury, and he is eating the money of the poor people.

- Credit cards: if you pay the total on it in the end of the month you are save from committing a sin .if you don't pay the total by the end of the month then you are a sinner of usury.

- Loans from the banks: loans to buy a house, car…ext. are usury .if someone takes a 30 K loan over 20 years will be paid as 80 k and over 30 years would be 225 k. so they are getting all your life after 30 years the house or the car are gone so your money and you got nothing.

A story: it happened in Chattanooga the police killed a person after he killed several peoples using an automatic shotgun. His bank had confiscated his car, furniture, and then the house after falling in paying the monthly fees due to losing his job and his wife had to divorce him so he shotted the bank officers the car dealer. (He is a victim of usury).

- Now how do we deal with this matter in the U.S.A

We as a Muslims should try to omit usury from our lives completely and encourage an Islamic system - that NET has started recently - in the united states that has no usury and pleases allah (S.W.T).

Therefor: the advise for all Muslims is to cut up their credit cards if they don't pay in the end of the month, and use it in only what you need and what you have. You don't have a buy a luxury car using interest or buying a house that is larger than what you need this is a usury sin.

Punishment: the prophet (P.B.U.H) said: usury punishment is 99 doors (different kind) the least punishment one of them is equal to that is for the person who raped his mother.

I've said what you'd heard and I seek refuge and forgiveness from Allah for me and you.


By Moustafa kattih

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Those khutabs and speeches are a part of what have been said at masjed annour in chattanooga/Tn during friday prayers by imam Moustafa.
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